Now that we know how to get the pen object I am going forward looking into getting data off of the LiveScribe Pen. Using the previous example (see last posting) I have come up with this:

void pc_OnPenDocked(LS.LDSlim.PulseAccessSDK.Interop.HardwarePen pen)
ulong t = 0;
LS.LDSlim.PulseAccessSDK.PenData.GetPenData(pen.PenHandle, "Test Page", ref t, @"C:\livescribedump.txt");

First I put livescribedump.txt as the output but after researching further (examining the LiveScribe Desktop using filewatcher, etc.) I believe that this is an AFD file. At this point it looks like AFD is the proprietary to LiveScribe so the next step is looking into how these can be viewed/modified/etc. If you want to see some images and output data from the LiveScribe Desktop software check out:

C:\Documents and Settings\alocurto\My Documents\My Livescribe\Library\2594160249046\0x66d4de896a2c6c85_18619045271\cache\userdata\lsac_data

You will want to replace my name with your account of course. I haven’t had time to see if those numbers under the Library directory are random to my machine or actually identify a document.

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