To custom print your own forms using the LiveScribe Pen there are a few steps. This tutorial assumes you have installed
the LiveScribe Desktop and have it all working normally. CLOSE THE LIVESCRIBE DESKTOP SOFTWARE BEFORE DOING THIS.
Locate your AFD files. By default they are located at “C:\Program Files\Livescribe\Livescribe Desktop\Printing”. You will see AFD files here along with a “Printables.xml” files. Go ahead and copy the “LS_PYON_TestPage.afd” and the “Printables.xml” for backup so that you can restore them later if need be. Now, on to the file changing.
Rename “LS_PYON_TestPage.afd” to “MyTestForm.afd”.
Open “Printables.xml” in notepad. Change the first Printable Node


Now, you can open the LiveScribe Desktop and see your form listed on the menu. That is the first step… the next is actually making that document look like one you want.
Go back to the “C:\Program Files\Livescribe\Livescribe Desktop\Printing” folder, rename “MyTestForm.afd” to “”.
Extract the “” files to a directory. Look through the files, you will see a bunch of different things. The AFD (as discovered previously) stores a bunch of information. I am not sure what it all is, or even if stroke data that I was looking for would be in there but, there are some good things in here.
Since we want to make our own custom looking form, navigate to the “\userdata\lsac_data” in the extracted file. There you will see “LS_PYON_TestPage.v1.png”, that is the form background image. Change that to whatever you would like using Photoshop, or any other imaging tool. There is also a EPS file in “pages\resources”, open and change that as well. Once your modifications have been completed go ahead and copy the changed file into the “” file using a zip utility (Winzip, PKZIP, etc.). Finally, rename the file to “MyTestForm.afd”.
I figured that would do the trick but the document is not printing to the printer. It says it is but then it doesn’t print. So, I am looking into why that could be. I am thinking it has to do with my EPS editing. I am probably not exporting properly. There might also be some kind of check on the AFD file. I’m still not sure…. Any ideas? I plan to revist this soon. I have to get back to getting stroke data out of the AFD for now…

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